Welcome to the Glossary

This open glossary was created by students from the Winter 2019 English 298G class, an Interdisciplinary Writing Program class linked with LSJ 200 at the University of Washington in Seattle, taught by Laura De Vos.

This glossary focuses on terms and concepts learned in LSJ 200 combined with English 298G. The assignments are based on the impacts of law in domestic and international levels. We further discussed the impacts of law on individuals in society, and how current groups were affected more than others. The topics that were researched are relevant to the issues we face in society today ranging from social, economic, and political forms of justice and inequity. These topics were researched by individual students in English 298G. The students in this class worked in small groups with peers to enhance the development and credibility of their papers. Some students chose to have their work published anonymously.

Click on the terms and concepts below to be lead to their fully glossary entry.

Disclaimer: these assignments were done in a short amount of time compared to an actual research paper, and information provided can be incorrect. 


Ambiguity of Law


Treaty Rights

Tribal Jurisdiction

Social Marginalization

Law Enforcement

Theory of Policing

Criminal Justice System





Due Process Model

Crime Control Model

Social Control

Institutional Racism